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The Influencer Podcast

Jan 31, 2018

Last week, we had my amazing life coach and business mentor Nicola Salter help us redfine our influence, and teach us what it means to own our unique brilliance.


This week, we’re looking behind the scenes of influencer management with Miss Claire Collins of Gleam Futures (@daclairecollins Claire heads up the North American operations of Gleam Futures, a management agency specializing in digital talent and influencers and has a personal love for budding YouTube content.


Claire manages the careers of leading digital stars and has inked multi-platform global branded content deals. Claire and the team at Gleam constantly stir their clients and personal brands, growing their reach and engagement on social media platforms - along with signing killer collaborations along the way. From working directly with brands, to monetizing and growing her talent’s reach, Claire’s unique view on the industry is incredibly interesting. Whether you’re curious about brand work, management, or the influencer side, Claire has advice for all.


Follow her @daclairecollins


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