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The Influencer Podcast

Feb 7, 2018

Last week, we were graced with Claire Collins of Gleam Futures, a management agency specializing in digital talent and influencers. We chatted about working with brands, what it’s like to represent influencers, and how to best grow and monetize a strong community. I had a blast talking all things influencer management with Claire!

This week, we’re taking things back to my business roots - the publishing world - as we have my dear friend, the lovely Jennifer Smith, founder of SPIN LITERARY. SPIN is a global literary firm providing clients with guidance through every phase of the literary process. From handling their presence on social media to finding their voice to marketing, SPIN helps with all components that are behind a publishing success. Jennifer has worked on countless best-selling books and with the best in the game like Joan Rivers, Stephen King, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bethenny Frankel, Dr. Oz, and so many more!

I met Jennifer and had the pleasure of working with her when she was Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Howard Books, an imprint of one of the top book publishing companies in the world, Simon & Schuster. Jennifer packed up her family and moved them across the globe to her husband’s home country of Australia. Now, with her own company, her own blog, and plenty of time spent with toes in the sand, Jennifer is showcasing how to live the career and life you want.

Follow her: @coffee_loves_wine

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