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The Influencer Podcast

May 16, 2018

Trying to stay relevant on a saturated platform? Feel like you’re a creative who doesn’t know anything about business in the influencer world? Curious how to grow and stay authentic as the stakes get higher? Well then, this is the show for you!

With over 8 years as a YouTuber, nearly 800K subscribers, and videos with millions of views, Carly Cristman has a lot to share with us today, and y’all, the amount of tactical tips are incredibly generous!

From the question to ask yourself before creating every piece of content, to how to collaborate with other influencers (without doing loop giveaways), to building a business even when you’re a creative, Carly leaves us with so much to take action from.

I love her approach to staying authentic, treating your audience like your friends, and what to take away from Instagram analytics - instead of wasting energy on algorithm changes because #ugh.

There’s more than enough to learn from today's show, and whether a YouTuber or a blogger, I highly recommend listening in!

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