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The Influencer Podcast

Jan 3, 2018

Happy 2018!

To start off the year, I wanted to touch base directly with you all 1:1. This week, it’s just me behind the mic - and I’m crazy excited to share one of my biggest secrets to growing your business as we all begin jotting down goals for the fresh year. And guess what? It doesn’t involve taking on more or saying yes to a billion things - quite the opposite actually

Yep! This episode is all about how to say NO to gain more. I’m spilling my strategy on how to clear your calendar to gain results therefore growth in your business. How to pinpoint what’s actually moving the needle in terms of brand growth - and what’s simply due to FOMO or industry pressure. How to assess your current systems and build new ones - all surrounded by doing less. For real this time!

From taking complete ownership of your precious time, you’ll be amazed at where it can leave you growth wise. Not to mention, what a better friend, mother, wife, daughter - whatever! - you can be.

In 2018, I dare you to take back your life and stop being a slave to your calendar. Ready?

First order of business - listening to this week’s episode!

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