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The Influencer Podcast

Aug 9, 2023

 It’s ‘Turn The Tables’ Summer here on The Influencer Podcast, so that means YOU get to hear the tables turned on ME… in the BEST interviews I’ve been on over the past year or two!

Today we are with Lori Harder on the Earn Your Happy Podcast!

In this episode, Lori and I discuss how to show up authentically online while still respecting your own boundaries, as well as getting to a place where you can share from a scar, and not a wound. Both Lori and I have done a lot of work to overcome our limiting beliefs around money, and in this episode, I share my powerful story of how I worked through the deep shame I carried around my secret $30k debt. We also talk about how to grow your confidence muscle to start pitching yourself and getting what you want! 



  • How I got to a place of sharing my scars, and not my wounds 
  • The 3 steps to releasing shame 
  • How to gain the confidence to pitch yourself and get anything you want 
  • The four most important questions to ask before you try to pitch yourself 
  • Reasons why so many of us lack boundaries 
  • Re-evaluate why you’re seeking validation from others 
  • My recentering process whenever I feel out of alignment 
  • Happiness is wanting what you already have 



“You can't hide yourself and expect to be seen.” - Julie Solomon


“You can change the price of what it costs to access you and boundaries are the currency of that.” - Julie Solomon



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