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The Influencer Podcast

Jul 12, 2023

It’s ‘Turn The Tables’ Summer here on The Influencer Podcast, so that means YOU get to hear the tables turned on ME… in the BEST interviews I’ve been on over the past year or two!

Today we are with Hala Taha from Young & Profiting.

In this episode, Hala and I talk about how to pitch your personal brand with what I call a “Signature Pitch,” and the fears and misconceptions around PR and publicity, and my best tips for negotiation and pricing yourself as an influencer! If you are wanting to monetize your content and grow your brand, you’ll love today’s chat! 



  • My journey from breaking into PR to building an influencer marketing empire
  • How I got a $250,000 home remodel and Home Magazine feature 
  • Pitch yourself effectively with the Spotlight Method
  • The biggest fears and misconceptions about PR & publicity 
  • How to create your Signature Pitch 
  • My biggest tip for setting a price in negotiations 
  • How I healed from my scarcity mindset around money 
  • Why you need to be your own publicist 



“On the other end of that email is an actual human being that has wants, that has needs, that has desires, that has a boss, that is wanting to make sure that they hit their goals and their targets. So if you can make that person's life easier, if you can help that person do a good job for their company and their boss, they're gonna want to work with you time and time again and happily pay you for that.” - Julie Solomon 


“I always say to my students, whatever you think you need to charge, double it, and then we'll start from there.” - Julie Solomon


“If you're throwing a number out and someone is immediately saying yes to you, you're undervaluing yourself and you're underpricing what it is.” - Julie Solomon



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Click here to check out Hala’s podcast.