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The Influencer Podcast

Mar 28, 2018

In today’s show, it’s just me behind the mic! 

And I’m diving deep and going intimate on my experience with affiliate links - and the unhealthy, obsessed hamster wheel I found myself on while relying on these programs as a main source of income.

I talk about how I got out of that rat race - and how a rebrand and triple the engagement came from it. I share exactly how I got to the place I am now - pitching my own deals and being in charge of my income directly - and how I stopped spending 60+ hours a week staring at Instagram, shopping, returning...and comparing myself to others.

If you’re struggling with the affiliate rat race yourself, or are contemplating a rebrand to your truest self, I can’t wait for you to hear this show!

And if you find yourself resonating with the content of this show but saying “OK but now what Jules?” Don’t worry, I’ve got you!

Starting on April 2nd, I’m hosting a FREE 7-day email challenge called ‘The Uplevel Your Pitch Challenge.’ This challenge will teach you 5 simple strategies that I’ve used to book brand collabs, negotiate deals, & monetize platforms, all which has led to a 6-figure business. And you guessed it, without relying solely on affiliate sales! This challenge was created by me, for you, as a way to show you that there are more ways to run a successful business with a successful income, and it all starts with the education behind pitching. I love sharing what I’ve learned, and this is a way for me to share some secrets of the trade - because I genuinely care about your success! Sign up for the challenge at and I’ll see you there!

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