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The Influencer Podcast

Dec 7, 2022

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Today's episode is all about the BIG mistake I made this year, the shift I made and what it means for 2023.

Have you ever felt so out of alignment and you can't quite put your finger on why? 

When we lessen our worth and our value to try to serve everyone and offer all the things... when step away from our values and who we are meant to serve, we actually step away from ourselves and our power.

Then we end up surrounding ourselves with people we are not meant to serve, because we weren't in alignment with ourselves.

If you are ready to step into your power, this is the episode for you! 

You'll hear me talk about:

  • Why owning who you are is the most important thing you can do for your business
  • How it's ok to not be for everyone
  • Why you need to stand in your decision making power