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The Influencer Podcast

Aug 2, 2023

It’s ‘Turn The Tables’ Summer here on The Influencer Podcast, so that means YOU get to hear the tables turned on ME… in the BEST interviews I’ve been on over the past year or two!

Today we are with Cayla Craft on The Mommy Millionaire Podcast (Now rebranded as the CRAFTed Entrepreneur podcast!).

In this episode, we talk about the scarcity mindset that held me back and the steps I took to fix my relationship with money and bring more abundance into my life. I also share my biggest boundary-setting tips as a mompreneur to set structure and create freedom in both my life as a mother and business owner. Make sure to stick to the end as I also reveal my number PR secret that anyone can implement to start getting what they want! 



  • The scarcity mindset about money that I had to let go 
  • Things I did to fix my money story 
  • Ways to create boundaries in your life and business as a mompreneur 
  • How to get clear on what you want 
  • My biggest advice for working moms




“A big part of acceptance is that we have to admit that it begins with us and ends with us. We're not helpless. We're not hopeless. We do have the power to change our lives. But admitting that means that we can no longer play the victim.” - Julie Solomon


“If everything is important, nothing is important, and I think by having so many to-do's that's really just a mask of learned helplessness” - Julie Solomon


“There's no badge of honor in doing it all yourself. You don't have to suffer to succeed. What would it look like if it were easy?” - Julie Solomon



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