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The Influencer Podcast

Jun 13, 2018

Calling all Instagram users! This is the show for you!

Tyler McCall, an Instagram Marketing Specialist, blew me away with his simple yet effective ways to grow on Instagram, and more importantly, how to completely shift your efforts on the app.

From Instagram hacks to the one thing that’s changed his business on the app, Tyler lays it all on the table. He talks about the top trend that you might NOT be doing - and why it’s so, so important to start. He also reveals how to go from last-minute “Oh crap! I better post” posting to making the process 1000% easier, which I loved.

He has amazing ideas for creating a better story and taking the focus OFF yourself when posting on Instagram. I know that might sound backwards, but it’s not, and Tyler explains more in the show.

We also cover 3 tips on getting people excited to follow your account which are EXCELLENT.

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