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The Influencer Podcast

Oct 13, 2021

Today, we are talking about how to show up vulnerably on Instagram and make money doing it with Mayci Neeley. Mayci is one of the incredible students in my program, Pitch It Perfect. Mayci is a former single mom, a D1 athlete, and she is an abuse and assault survivor. 


I can't wait for her to share how she's been able to do this, because if you want to tap into your community a little bit more, to share those vulnerable moments, to get a little bit more authentic with how you are showing up and how to craft your messaging, but you don't really know how, this is the episode for you!



  • How to use personal stories to create branding opportunities on Instagram
  • The best ways to curate content for your brand growth (and monetization!)
  • What people really want to see on Instagram, and how you can deliver that
  • Best pitching practices that help you make money on Instagram 


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