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The Influencer Podcast

Mar 19, 2018

Welcome to Episode 2 of Influencer Insights! A brand new short-form podcast (think 10 minutes or less) that I’ll be hosting every Monday - giving tactical information to apply to your life and business right away.

For our second installment of Influencer Insights, we tackled an epidemic in influencer land...FAKE FOLLOWERS. Yep! A topic I’ve been itching to discuss with y’all for some time. Though it’s one of the major frustrations of being an influencer at the moment, it’s also our reality - so we’ve gotta face it and learn how to work around the epidemic.

In this episode, I give my straight-forward tips on how to handle fake followers and a peek into what brands are doing to deal with them - and how they feel about sheer follower counts on Instagram. If you're stressed about low numbers, have bought fake followers yourself (or thought about it), or want to know how to compete with accounts full of large (real and fake) numbers, you’ll love this show!

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