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The Influencer Podcast

May 28, 2018

In this week’s episode, I’m highlighting an industry trend that can not be missed. More specifically, I’m talking contracts and the trend that’s shifting the influencer industry to be even more legitimate.

I’m covering what exactly this means for every side of influence (whether you're an influencer, brand, or agency), what you should be looking for in contracts, and how to start using contracts today.

Plus, I’m giving out a FREE contract template. This template is all you need to start working with brands, and even if you already have a contract model, it’s a great checklist of what you might be forgetting.

I’m also sharing tools to button up your business on the backend in general!

If you're looking to legitimize your business or brand, this is a show that cannot be missed.

Free Contract Template:

Episode 51 with Laurel Mintz:

Digiday article: