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The Influencer Podcast

Sep 13, 2023

Today, we're touching on a topic that's probably left you feeling both frustrated and immobilized at the same time, and that is the dreaded Analysis Paralysis. Well, fret not my friends, because we're about to uncover the secrets to breaking free from that decision-making doom, making bold and fearless choices, and soaring toward the success you have always dreamed of. 


In this episode, I'm going to walk you through understanding the tricks that your brain pulls on you that cause you to feel stuck or paralyzed. I’m also going to show you how to outsmart your brain by recognizing when Analysis Paralysis starts to creep in and the practical techniques you can apply to conquer it. We'll talk about setting time limits, trusting your gut, and embracing that all-important concept of structured guidance.


Join me on this journey to ditch the Analysis Paralysis and move confidently toward your goals. Remember, progress beats perfection every time. Let's do this!


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- How Analysis Paralysis happens in our brain

- Common causes of Analysis Paralysis 

- The magical map of structured guidance to gain clarity, efficiency, and momentum

- 3 practical and proven strategies that will help you overcome Analysis Paralysis 



“The key here is to really recognize when the analysis paralysis is setting in, to remind yourself that it's about progress more than it's about perfection” - Julie Solomon


“Don't wait for confidence. Just take action and have the courage to move forward.” - Julie Solomon


“So many of you get stuck because you're so focused on what you're running away from instead of being focused on what you're running to.” - Julie Solomon



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