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The Influencer Podcast

Nov 3, 2021

If your life could be made easier, what would that be worth to you?


This is the question Susie Moore poses to us in today's conversation on The Influencer Podcast.


Susie Moore is a former Silicon Valley Sales Director turned Life Coach and Advice Columnist.


Her work has been featured on the Today show, Oprah, Business Insider, CNN, Forbes, Time Inc, Marie Claire and she’s the resident Life Coach Columnist for Greatist.


Susie’s work and insights have been shared by celebrities and thought leaders including Arianna Huffington, Paulo Coelho, Kris Jenner and Sara Blakely.


In her new book, Let It Be Easy, she encourages us to embrace a unique “let it be easy” philosophy and offers practical ideas and examples for allowing more ease into their daily lives.


What you'll hear:

  • How can we tell if we aren't letting life be easy?
  • What is the most challenging part about letting things be easy?
  • You encourage us to call their “to-do list” a “get-to-do-list.” Why is this important?
  • “The Grass is Greener Because it is Fake.” - what this means and why this is happening to you
  • How to bring more ease into your love life.


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